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Backupio Cloud Backup


Never be a victim of file loss with Webcanyon’s automated cloud backups.

Private cloud storage

5GB, 50GB or UNLIMITED storage for your files in the cloud. All your files are stored with 256 bit encryption. No one can access your files without your permission.

Flexible self-service restores

Need a restore of a file? Go trough the wizard, and restore your file in seconds. Select the date & time of the file version you want to restore.

Flexible backup sets

Set multiple backup schedules, or use continuous backup so that your files are instantly backed up when created. Create as much backup sets as you want.

Backup multiple devices with 1 account

You can share your backup account storage with multiple computers or devices. This way you can backup all devices in your home or office for a cheap price.

Set & forget

Set once, and let backupio take care of the rest. Get e-mail alerts on the status of your backups.

Dedicated support

Let our support team help you with any question or issue via e-mail, live chat or phone.

Backupio Cloud Backup Pricing

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